Adaptable laboratory space

93 94 Innovation Drive


Initially designed specifically for Oxford pharmaceutical company, we created an adaptable space which could be easily reconfigured for future tenants. This became necessary some years later, when SRA were asked to update the space for new occupiers.

Externally, the dramatic roof structure was created to maximise presence on the Park and its visibility from the Bristol to London mainline train. This provided the client with the approach to the Park that they hoped for.

Internally the space is comprised of 60,000sqft of laboratory. A very large plant room was carefully integrated into the building hiding operations, while also being easily accessible.

Making room for new occupiers

A later refurbishment of the building was carried out when new occupiers required a remodelling of the lab space and creation of office areas.  We created independent entrances, and the reception and core areas were split up. A new fire escape and service lift were added.

Zoned parking was incorporated into the external space, while purposely designed landscaping enlived the area immediately outside the building.