AB Dynamics

Anthony Best Dynamics

AB Dynamics is a global leader in vehicle testing equipment. They’d almost doubled in size in three years and urgently needed more space. SRA’s design is both practical and progressive – a cohesive form with clever architectural solutions to suit their brand image.

141211 South West Visual.jpg
141211 Holt Road Visual.jpg
141208 Aerial Cam 1.jpg
141210 Aerial Cam 2.jpg

Thoughtful details include orientating the new structure to minimise solar heat gain and studding the roof with north-facing skylights. This allows the manufacturing floor to be flooded with natural light, which is essential for technicians.

We increased the internal floor area by 25% with only a marginally bigger footprint. The building now also contains all the conferencing, administration, manufacturing and storage facilities the company needs, in a flexible space that can be easily reconfigured.  

141006 ADB concept model.jpg
double height.jpg
partition up visual.jpg
Gate View 001 annotation.jpg
141021 Hand Drawn Visual 3.jpg
partition up visual.jpg

Views from the ground and first floor are magnificent. It all creates a HQ with a sense of purpose and presence, setting the perfect tone for future success.