Bath Rugby

Bath is UK's only World Heritage City. It is a city fanatical about rugby. So where do you put a Premiership-standard stadium to achieve maximum capacity and cultural sensitivity? We carried out an investigation.

Comprehensive site study

Bath Rugby Stadium


For years Bath Rugby has needed a new stadium to fit its profile and meet Aviva Premiership standards. However, passions run high over the issue of rugby v culture. Three venues have been proposed: the current site at the Recreation Ground, as well as two new sites at Western Riverside East and West.

To gain clarity, B&NES Council commissioned SRA to conduct a comprehensive study around stadium capacity. We worked with numerous Council departments, gaining a rare insight into complex aspects of this historic city. For instance, covenants on the land for the Recreation Ground forbid any one sports club or facility dominating activities there.

Ultimately we were able to identify crucial opportunities and obstacles, both city-wide and stadium-specific. When the new stadium is eventually built, it will be based on some rock solid research.