Begbroke Science Park ScR

SRA Architects previously built Begbroke's Centre for Innovation and Enterprise. We are now working with the owner, the University of Oxford, to double its capacity.

Sustainable office and labs

Begbroke Science Park, Oxfordshire


SRA’s original Centre for Innovation and Enterprise (CIE) is now home to an incredible array of both academic and business communities. From advanced engineering and nuclear materials, to robotics and nano-medicine. With demand for more space, the owners wanted more of the same. However, in architecture a lot changes in ten years. We knew we could take things further.

The new building fabric is now more robust thanks to cross laminated timber. The composition of the envelope has been developed especially by SRA for air tightness, durability, economy and speed of construction. It also allows incredible work flexibility, with minimal work required to accommodate other uses.

To satisfy the client’s need for a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating, we designed many additional features - from thermal insulation to renewable energy sources. Consequently the building is inherently sustainable, and exceeds the expectations of a demanding client. 

We commissioned the design uncertain who would occupy the space and what facilities they would need.  We have found the buildings to be as adaptable as we had hoped, coping with everything from workshops to laboratories and supercomputers.
— Dr Caroline Livingstone, Manager