What sparks our creative inspiration?

Recently SRA Architects, Emily Giles, Claire Miller and Andrew Brooks submitted an Expression of Interest to participate in the highly anticipated RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2018 competition. An exciting opportunity that pairs exceptional RIBA architects with Regent Street retailers to create captivating architectural installations in store windows along and around London’s historic shopping asset.

As part of their submission the team included a photograph of their inspiration images. We asked if they would mind sharing them and giving us a glimpse of why these images spark their creativity when thinking about new project designs.

What inspires us?

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Andrew Brooks with an image of ‘The Man Who Flew into Space from His Apartment’ by Ilya Kabakov. 

The viewer is transported directly into the fantastical narrative of this installation; it is a fascinating and enticing Piece; I find the immediate connection, storytelling and fun of the Piece really inspiring.

 Emily Giles with an image of the ‘Bombay Sapphire Distiller’ from the Heatherwick Studio.

The representation of the distillery process within the sculptural extension to the Victorian mill is very inspiring to me. The refined forms evoke the movement of air flow through to the botanical greenhouses.

Claire Miller with an image called ‘Blood’ by Gilbert & George with Jean Abreu Dance.

A look in detail at the most fundamental elements of our human make up; our bodily fluids and excretions. Microscopic studies show complex forms within the drops of blood, revealing beautiful stained-glass like patterns.

How does this work in practice?


To give a glimpse of how our ‘creative spark’ works in practice take the Installation we did at 101 Milton Park Reception:

“A bright pearl with its shell”  -  View the Project Case Study  

Thank you to our team for sharing their inspiration images! We look forward to hearing more news about the RIBA Regent Street Windows Project in the New Year.