Congratulations to Emily on her promotion!

We are delighted to announce that Emily Giles has recently been promoted to an Associate here at SRA Architects in recognition of all that she brings to support and lead the Practice in its purpose and vision.  

Emily joined SRA 10 years ago, after studying architecture at the University of Plymouth.  She is now our Interior Design Lead as well as a very valued member of our talented team! She is passionate about the fast-changing world of interior architecture and brings flair, imagination and intuition to help our clients see the possibilities.  She says:

One of the most enjoyable parts of my role is engaging with and sharing the design journey with others. We want to add value and achieve simplicity and elegance in our interior design. This requires commitment, hard work and creative thinking. It also requires expertise; the knowledge we have gained through years of experience in the industry has taught us to look beyond trends and listen to what a client wants to communicate through design. For many, this means reinforcing their company brand through creative expression.

Emily Giles - Associate Architect

We wish Emily every success in her new role.