A happy workforce is our secret weapon for success


They say ‘happiness is an inside job’ and perhaps it’s the sunshine, providing some well needed vitamin D that is aiding us here at SRA Architects because everyone seems to be smiling!

But maybe there are some other reasons too.

Lately the practice has been buzzing with exciting projects and new enquiries coming in.  We really enjoy working together with our clients, coming up with brilliant design solutions. Their feedback definitely gives us something to smile about.  
We have also introduced core hours to the working day, allowing staff to work the hours that best suit them and their busy lives.

Sorry Dolly Parton – no one here is forced to work a 9-5!

So, what does it mean?  A busy office is always good, but a happy workforce is the real secret weapon for success:  Economists have identified a clear correlation between happy staff, added creativity and a whopping 12% increase in productivity!

More creative – More productive – More work!

That’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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