Enhancing the brand presence of BMW in Central London, was our challenge.

Keeping true to their brand values we designed spaces to create emotion, enthusiasm, fascination and thrills.


Contemporary motor showrooms and dealerships


Like all iconic automotive brands, BMW has developed clear brand guidelines. Our goal has always been to produce designs that ‘comply yet enhance’. We believe the showroom experience can reinforce the client’s brand.


This new showroom was the first of a suite of projects aimed at elevating the experience for London customers. SRA re-imagined every aspect. Faced with a linear space, we divided the building into two halves: the first showcasing the exterior of the car, the second focusing on the interior. Elsewhere we took inspiration from the curves and details of the cars. One of the most successful features was the ceiling. It complied with the muted BMW palette, yet introduced energy and colour by reflecting the cars themselves.

Park Lane

We reinvigorated BMW’s Park Lane HQ to harness the potential of the prime location to be a centre for UK and international sales. Overcoming challenges of space, we connected different levels with ramps and raised platforms. SRA also redesigned their flagship Park Lane Motorrad facility.

Post office and industrial site transformation

Other projects have involved far more extensive construction. SRA turned a former Post Office depot in South London into a highly visible, state of the art BMW workshop. We also transformed a former industrial building in Nine Elms, which required vast amounts of below ground work, to accommodate a luxury fast-track service centre.

The success of each of these projects has enhanced the BMW brand presence in the City.