Milton Park Masterplan

Milton Park’s foundations date back to the First World War. Sitting next to the main London to Bristol railway line it has long had strategic importance, especially for warehouse storage. Over the last 80 years, it has steadily developed and expanded. Yet the original layout based on the railway sidings is still evident.

Milton Park Masterpan Scheme A.jpg

MEPC has owned Milton Park since the 1990s. They have successfully moved it away from being a distribution centre towards much higher value workspace – much of it innovation-based, spinning out of Oxford University. Today, the Park is recognised as one of the UK's main biotech research hubs.

SRA’s masterplan helps MEPC understand the future capacity of the 250-acre site. The scheme looks at how they can increase value.  It identifies barriers to growth and digs down into general improvements that would make the Park even more attractive to new business.