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Two tunnels running medals 2019 have arrived!

2 tunnels 2019.JPG

Two Tunnels medals for 2019 have just arrived!

And, It’s that time of year again when the Two Tunnel Races are launched.

Dates for this year are:

  • 3 March

  • 12 May

  • 14 July

  • 18 August

All the medals look great as a stand alone medal, or if you would like to join in a few races over the year you’ll be able to add to the first piece to make a giant medal!

On each race day there are multiple waves which lends itself to running multiple events on the same day which can be a great way of getting four medals in less than four race days!

Race information

There are a choice of races and distances. Any combination of distances, in any order, will earn you the medal set, there just needs to be four races in total. Find out more here.

There are series discounts offers too! If you sign up for all four 10km races you get one for FREE! Sign up to all four 5kms races and get one for FREE!

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Finisher’s trophy preview

All FINISHER'S of our Mini Challenge or Challenge race series will take home a cool laser engraved glass trophy with a design matching the medal set. In order to take home the glass trophy you will need to complete

Mini Challenge - 5km + 10km + Half Marathon
Challenge - 10km + Half Marathon + Marathon

You can run these races in any order and on any race dates that event is held on (dates and distances info here). You can even run the 5km and 10km from the Mini Challenge on the same race day by signing up for 5km Wave 1 and 10km Wave 6 which will give you a minimum of 40mins between the start times. You can find out more about the schedules here.

Full information on the Relish Running website