Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) brand have recently introduced their new 'ARCH' retail concept. It has given us scope for architectral innovation.

With customer journey at its heart, these re-imagined dealerships are warm, eye-catching and refined.

Jaguar Land Rover

Car dealerships and showrooms


At a time when the two brands are converging in to a single retail offering, SRA Architects have worked with a number of retailer clients to implement the concept in various high profile locations.

Using the principles established by the brand, we aim to ensure that each characteristic is represented in a way that is appropriate to the situation and to the client.

Caffyns Land Rover, Lewes

Pitching against four other leading architectural practices, SRA had a clear vision for interpreting Land Rover’s retail concept, which ultimately led to our appointment on the project.

Our successful scheme required a comprehensive rebuild to replace a 1930s workshop. It would also be built in a conservation area, requiring extra care. We wanted to create a ‘sense of place’. So we used local materials to create a showroom that balanced the character of the landscape with the sophistication of the Land Rover brand.

Prioritising the user experience, we designed a fresh arrival sequence and well defined customer service areas. We also optimised the location on a major arterial route, giving extra prominence to the shop window.

Marshall Jaguar Land Rover, Cambridge

Working as part of a masterplan to redevelop the iconic Marshall Cambridge motor park, SRA Architects devised a way to deliver a contemporary JLR dealership whilst respecting key constraints. The 7 car Jaguar and 9 car Land Rover showrooms will replace an existing building, however several other businesses will be able to continue operating during the works.

The building will take a sustainable approach to energy, with the design ensuring that carbon emissions are 10% lower than currently required of other similar buildings.