It took lateral thinking to capitalise on a structural issue. Consequently it allowed us to transform the display space and create an iconic Central London showroom. Perfect for the MINI brand. 


MINI’s flagship Park Lane site included a neighbouring bank building. To use it, we needed to remove the old vault from the basement, which required breaking the floor open.

The huge hole gave us an idea: to make it the showroom’s defining feature. The extra space allowed an increase in the number of display cars from 8 to 13. And with no room for a ramp, we created a modified industrial lift to move vehicles up and down to the basement (costing far less than a standard one).


Bringing the MINI brand to life, we exploited the new layout to create a ‘funky urban nightlife’ theme, including a refreshment bar. The now double-height space was also ideal for a display wall facing Park Lane, with animated MINI racing.

The new ‘club-style’ showroom is a memorable landmark on one of the capital’s most exclusive roads.