Evotec, 114 Innovation Drive

A leader in pharmaceutical and biotechnology, Evotec OAI approached SRA to design hi-tech research laboratories and support facilities to focus on ‘dry discovery’. It needed to accommodate specialist equipment and allow them to carry out processes with hazardous chemicals, while safeguarding researchers’ health.


Flexibility was key for this client: the building needed to be multifunctional so space could be let by other businesses, if required. The labs can easily be converted to high-end office space; adding extra value to our client’s investment.


We carefully researched the requirements before designing a structure which included:

  • 12 state-of-the-art chemical laboratories

  • 3 analytical laboratories

  • A nuclear magnetic resonance scanner

  • A Mass Spectroscopy lab

  • Many Category 2 laboratories

  • We also designed a roof space for special air-handling equipment that manages the clean environments they require.