One of SRA’s first clients was IKEA, and 25 years on that relationship still thrives. In addition to our vast IKEA portfolio, our experience now includes award-winning designs from high street design to car showrooms and mixed-use shopping developments.

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Abergavenny Town Centre

We used cues from the local architecture and street map to open up and regenerate this old town centre cattle market site. The scheme won an invited design competition judged by local people.



Regenerating UK market towns is vital; for social wellbeing, for sustainability, for business growth. But how do you look forward while treasuring the past? SRA enjoy the challenge of getting this balance just right.


We worked with....


Giltbrook Retail

Giltbrook Retail Centre is a modern retail park that has become a magnet for business and leisure, contributing to local economic regeneration

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IKEA have been a client of SRA since 1992. In fact we have designed most of their UK projects, from improving existing layouts to building brand new stores. Often in record time.


Three Store

Groundbreaking store design to showcase 3’s pioneering customer service. The flagship store was so successful, it became the template for 3 stores nationwide.