University of Bath Student Centre

The University of Bath is one of our long-standing clients. A more recent project that we've completed for them is the Student Centre. We worked with the Student Union to create a space that represented them and addressed their concerns.

Student centre redesign 

University of Bath, Student Centre


The University of Bath has grown in size and stature over recent decades. It is currently rated the UK’s top University for Student Experience (Times Higher Education Survey). Yet until recently their SU building had become dated, uninspiring and impractical.

To start with, we helped the SU communicate their needs to the University. We took a detailed brief for wide-ranging updates and expansion of their facilities. And we created a design which quickly gained support from both students and the Vice Chancellor.

The new scheme puts the SU at the heart of the campus with a much bigger presence. There are now lively, open-plan breakout areas that act as student living rooms and a substantial social hub. Retail, office and support rooms abound. And an animated glazed façade establishes a welcoming interaction with the outside.

The project had tight timescales to minimise disruption. By working closely with all stakeholders and consultants we were able to achieve these. We were also able to solve a number of separate issues at the same time, such as bus arrivals and traffic bottle-necks, adding further value to our work. 

The University is very proud to provide our students with their striking new social space. Their needs have been at the heart of the project gives them a real focal point for free time and informal learning. It is set to be a tremendous addition to campus life.
— Professor Glynis Breakwell, Vice-Chancellor