Welwyn Garden City

Competition entry for Welwyn Garden City masterplan. A forward thinking sustainable development to compliment the exisiting community. A mixed use residential scheme maximising solar gain and water harvesting.

Sustainable community 

Welwyn Garden City Masterplan


SRA enjoyed the competitive challenge of designing a sustainable residential development in Letchworth. The mix of houses, apartments and live-work units had to fit with the architectural character of the local area. We chose economic, BRE Green Grade A rated sustainable materials to complement the surrounding area, and that required straight-forward construction techniques.

We appropriately orientated the buildings and incorporated long pitched roofs to maximise solar gain. By virtue of the proposed solar lanterns, 90% of the dwellings would benefit from direct passive solar gains to the living spaces. The roof form would also allow rainwater to flow to an underground grey water storage tank. Each dwelling had the potential to harvest its own rainwater.

Positioning the homes in inward facing clusters created a sense of community. Both private and communal gardens featured in the design, as did a space provided for allotments and a children’s playground.