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Our approach to BIM

We like to simplify things, and have always recognised that collaboration brings the best results. BIM (Building Information Modelling) enables us to do both of these things.

BIM informs the way we work

Going beyond the geometry of design and offering more than 3D modelling software, BIM informs the way we work with our contractors. By digitally producing files to represent physical infrastructure, important information can be shared, and the design added to. BIM software is a tool we are increasingly using on our projects to allow multiple contractors and trades to contribute information, before any construction begins. This ultimately streamlines procedures, monitors costs and minimises waste.

An additional benefit of using BIM is at building handover. All the information has been compiled during the design process and provides the building manager with a full understanding of the building’s details, down to the product numbers of fixtures and fittings. This pleases our client and ensures the upkeep of the building is sustainably maintained.

Designing Burton and South Derbyshire College using BIM

The building we are designing for Burton & South Derbyshire College is to be integrated into the existing campus through some complex, but necessary connections. By using BIM, the design team has been able to understand details of the current structures, which has helped us to design an efficient and highly coordinated new facility. 

This latest building will mark the start of a new approach for the College, as they seek to manage their built assets more effectively.  The final BIM details can be used by the Facilities Manager to optimise maintenance strategies and, in time, form part of an intelligent management tool for the whole campus.