Building Forensics and Expert Witness

Investigating building problems to remedy the defects. Understanding architecture from a legal peespecive is essential. John Rich enables SRA Architects to offer Expert Witness services.

Building Forensics and Expert Witness

It is often said that through making mistakes we learn our most valuable lessons. However, the detailing of buildings is no place to take risks because rectifying construction defects is usually very disruptive and costly.

John Rich has over 30 years’ experience investigating and remedying other architects’ mistakes.  He has been exposed to far more valuable learning in this area than any architect would normally see during a conventional career. Most of the failures John witnesses are on modern buildings constructed post 1960.  His valuable services have also been called upon to rectify defects on recently completed buildings and even some still under construction.

As well as scientifically investigating the cause of a building defect so that it can be remedied, John can expertly gather all the necessary evidence and examine it thoroughly so that it can be presented appropriately in a legal claim.

John welcomes the opportunity to carry out pre-construction technical audits, helping people avoid any future expensive failures.

Our specialist services:

Construction technology

  • Flat and pitched roofing: all systems
  • Metal cladding: composite and rain-screen
  • Glazing: windows and curtain walling
  • Render and tiling: as external cladding
  • Timber decay: structural and cladding

Failure to deliver value

  • Exceeding the brief and budget
  • Over-elaborate design
  • Unnecessarily complicated construction

Building physics

  • Condensation: causes and consequences
  • Insulation: too much, too little
  • Water ingress: all causes
  • Air-tightness: lack of

Professional duties

  • Resolving fee disputes
  • Adherence to Architect’s Job Book duties
  • Administration of the building contract

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