Building Forensics

Building forensics is the process of scientifically investigating and identifying the cause of building defects. Finding the root cause of a defect is vital if potentially costly and disruptive remedial work is to be carried out.

John Rich, one of SRA’s partners, has been exposed to a unique and unprecedented amount of learning in this area in his extensive 30 years’ experience. He leads our building forensics service, having been called upon to rectify defects on recently completed buildings and even some still under construction.

Our specialist services include investigating failure to deliver value, issues with construction technology or lack of care in professional duties. We are able to expertly gather all necessary evidence and examine it thoroughly so that it can be presented appropriately in a legal claim.

At the core of our building forensic and expert witness service is the desire to help people avoid future expensive failures. We can carry out pre-construction technical audits to ensure the level of risk is kept to the absolute minimum possible.

John Rich – Expert Witness lead and SRA Partner