Hereford College

Our client wanted to create a landmark, and a benchmark, for learning in the region. Critical to this was an imaginative use of materials for sustainability and contemporary appearance. These included corten steel cladding, insulated render and kalwall.

2220_2220_Hereford_College_of_Technol_N18 (1).jpg

Environmental impact was at the heart of the project. The first phase, the Learning Resource Centre, was constructed by extending the existing library building. Its high thermal mass and generous soffit heights aided natural ventilation. To regulate the airflow, we created four central chimneys and high-level, building management system controlled vents.

Phase two delivered an innovative, interactive teaching space. From flexible classrooms and an auditorium, to real-life retail environments for simulated learning, it is unlike anything else in the area.

This is a truly outstanding new building. lt is brilliantly designed with many innovative features, and constructed to a very high standard. This huge project is a fantastic success. Our students and staff are delighted!

lan Peake, College Principal