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Mindfulness walk in Sydney Gardens


Join Huw Griffiths from Mindfulness Bath to take time in the green space of Sydney Gardens.

Mindfulness is paying attention, in the present moment, and without judgement. It is a way of bringing us back in touch with ourselves so that we can relate directly to whatever is happening in our lives right now with acceptance, curiosity, and non-judgement. Practical and simple to learn, easy to use and yet the benefits are immense. Mindfulness helps us to see more clearly our habitual reactions to pressure and stressful events and in each moment we discover ways of responding that are more accepting, kinder to ourselves and less damaging to our health and happiness.

Huw has been running Mindfulness sessions in the park through the summer as part of the Sydney Gardens Project – the park is a lovely place for a Mindfulness Walk with its tranquil atmosphere, canal, bridges and ancient trees. This session is being specially run as part of the Bathscape Walking Festival.

More information can be found here