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Kate Humble: Thinking on my feet in Bath

Event organised by Topping & Company Booksellers


I’ve discovered that going for a daily walk has become as essential to me feeling good for the rest of the day as that first cup of tea. But I would argue that all I am doing is responding to a natural need we all have. Humans have always been migrants, the physiological urge to be nomadic is deep-rooted in all of us and perhaps because of that our brains are stimulated by walking. I solve all sorts of problems, formulate ideas, work things out to that gentle rhythm of self-propelled movement.’- Kate Humble

Reflecting on the sights and sounds of her favourite journeys, the much-loved presenter shares highlights from Thinking on My Feet, an uplifting celebration of the simple pleasure of walking and the many benefits it brings.



Christ Church, Julian Road, Bath, BA1 2RH

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