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Fantasy Football is back!


No more discussing the weather, cricket or Brexit, we can talk FOOTBALL for 10 months 😊 It all kicks off this Friday, so you need to have your team registered by 7pm on Friday. Those of you who entered last year, you just need to re-pick your team and you should be automatically registered. Those who are new to it, please feel free to join us with the following instructions:

 If you’d like to join us please create a profile at the following website:

 Once you’ve created a profile and picked a team do the following:

 Please note: there is a ‘random pick’ function on the website, which will automatically select a team for you, if you’re unsure about who to choose.

  1. click on the ‘Leagues’ tab at the top of the page

  2. click on ‘Create and Join New Leagues’

  3. click on ‘Join an existing league’

  4. click on ‘Join private league’

  5. enter the following code: higl5u

  6. job done.

 Any problems let me know!

 Fantasy football is where you select players from all the teams in the English Premier League and they accumulate points based on how they play. The winner is the one who attains the most points at the end…in case you didn’t know! Here are some further game related rules and information:

  • Substitutes – these are players that will automatically replace players in your starting 11, provided players in your starting 11 don’t play.

  • Captain – this player gets double points

  • Vice captain – this player gets double points if your captain does not play

  • Transfers – you get 1 free transfer per week, which allows you to swap a player in your current team for a new one, if you want additional transfers these cost you 4 points per transfer. You can save your transfers and use them in the following gameweek if you want (so you can make 2 changes)

  • Wildcard – this can be used only once and allows you to change your whole team permanently

  • Free hit – this can be used only once and allows you to change your whole team for one gameweek

  • Triple captain – this can be used only once and means your captain gets triple points

  • Bench boost – this can be used only once and means all your players score points (including substitutes)

  • Your team will be automatically selected for the following week, however there is usually a deadline if you want to make changes – substitutes or transfers

  • You can select a maximum of 3 players from each team

Please feel free to ask if you want some guidance 😊. Finally, I rarely give out team selection advice, but this year I’ll chuck you all this nugget for free – avoid Jordan Pickford at all costs.

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