The cutting-edge research facility will bring together three themes of expertise: cardiology, neurology and immunology, with the aim of developing treatments for degenerative diseases of development and aging, including heart disease, stroke and primary immune deficiencies. The project will provide prime space to recruit new research leaders; promote multidisciplinary expertise and build strong collaborations with other world leading institutes.


The IDRM will be located at the University’s Old Road Campus in Headington, a site dedicated to medical science research and includes three floors of laboratories and write-up areas.

The promotion of cross theme collaboration and interaction between scientists is an essential component of the brief. To facilitate this a range of communal areas: informal break out, meeting and discussion spaces, have been provided within the central atrium.

To create a sense of openness and take advantage of the parkland setting, the ground floor and atrium is fully glazed. The building has been designed to appear as a floating box, with Corten cladding used to the upper two floors.

To reflect the University’s sustainability philosophy, the building has been designed using Passivhaus design principles.