How we select the team for your project


We choose the most appropriate design team

Each project we work on is unique and each of our clients has their own requirements. Even when we are working with one of our many repeat clients their aspirations will be project specific.

Our architects and designers have a broad range of experience and skills. We recognise that collaboration and engagement are essential and therefore ensure that the most suitable team of people is assigned to each project for its duration.

We draw on expertise and extra support during critical phases

Certain phases of a project may require specific expertise and additional support.

Each Partner has an overview of all current work. During our Monday Morning Meeting we run through each of our jobs, so all staff also have awareness of projects and their stages. This means we can bring in any staff member not part of the core team to make a valuable contribution at critical stages.

Amongst our staff we have experts in their field who have focused experience and who have had additional training. Because no one person can know everything, we draw on their insight and knowledge and can apply it to any project.

We conduct Design Reviews

Design cannot be done in isolation.

When someone has been looking at a concept for a long time it becomes necessary for some new objective input and fresh creative perspective.  It is at this point a Design Review is called for. 

Those leading a project present their designs, solutions and ideas to be critiqued by technical staff.  Drawings get pinned on boards and often leave with pencil markings all over them. Dynamic concepts get suggested, rejected and refined.  There is a great sense of collaborative thinking during these sessions.

We use the full expertise of the Practice during Design Reviews. Genuine knowledge-sharing takes place which leads to a better outcome for the client. From Partners to Part 1 Students we are all learning from each other. Each person is encouraged to speak up and give their views; we listen and take seriously any suggestions made.

Andrew Brooks, Associate