99-102 Park Drive

Milton Park is one of Europe’s most cutting-edge business communities with numerous tenants in science and technology. Our client, MEPC, wanted to catalyse further growth by developing a state-of-the-art innovation centre. This needed special ventilation systems and clean environments to safeguard researchers’ health. 


SRA’s solution projects the two upper floors of each building out from a ground-level brick plinth. This creates visually intriguing ‘floating black boxes’, designed to appeal to innovative enterprises. Internally they are no less striking. The design focuses on providing open, healthy work environments that optimise natural daylight and good airflow. Conference, meeting and break-out facilities are seamlessly interwoven into the layout.

As with any Milton Park project, sustainability was high on the agenda. Exposed thermal mass, night time purging, low energy lighting, solar hot water, rainwater harvesting and SUDS drainage all contribute to a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating.

The design and layout provides an ideal Innovation Centre facility, with plenty of light and space to create opportunities for companies to interact.

Jo Willett, Business Development Director