Collaboration in action: AB Dynamics - SRA site visit

Each building we design, for every client, requires collaboration during design and construction. Site visits are an excellent way for our team to see this collaboration happening. On site, at any given stage throughout the process of a build, there can be hundreds of contractors at work. A site visit is the only way to see what has been designed coming together in the real world – so we find group trips an excellent way for a number of people to see what has been going on.


Why site visits are important

Architecture is a creative industry, and our designs look to provide the best possible solutions to our clients’ needs.

For many members of the team, especially those who may not have had direct involvement in the project, group site trips are also often a way to ask questions about particular materials, approaches or design solutions that may not be obvious when looking at a computer screen or plan. Real world, contextual experience is vital in this instance.


Over the past seven months, we have been working with BAM Construction and many others to build a modern space for Bradford-on-Avon based Anthony Best Dynamics. The envelope and cladding package is complete, and the interior fit-out on the first-floor is also nearing completion. It has been exciting to see the building progress, and it is only through close collaboration, excellent communication and regular site visits this has been made possible. 

It was fantastic to see so many of the team on the site visit and see the building ‘in the flesh.’ We look forward to posting another update on this project soon.