Student site visit to AB Dynamics

In 2016, SRA Architects offered to mentor second year Bath University architecture students, providing an opportunity for them to gain exposure to work within a commercial architectural practice.

The RIBA Student Mentoring Scheme supports students to help them develop towards becoming fully-qualified architects. Regular sessions have given opportunities for students and mentors to discuss their respective understanding of professional practice. This was a great opportunity, and one we enjoyed being a part of.

In the course of three sessions over three months, the students gained experience in a number of different scenarios - from an introductory presentation to the practice to meetings and the general working environment.

This culminated in December with a site visit to the Anthony Best Dynamics project, our site in Bradford on Avon where the steel structure has just been erected in conjunction with the contractor, BAM.

All the students involved responded incredibly positively to the environment, and enjoyed getting their site boots on and gaining experience of what life is like 'on the ground!'

We wish them all the very best for their studies and future careers as qualified architects!