Architectural inspiration found in historic Majorca

Juliana was captivated by the creative beauty, history and architecture during her recent trip to Majorca. She has kindly shared a glimpse of her experience through some of the words and pictures from her travel journal.

Enjoy - You may well find yourself booking your own trip!


The Balearic Island has a rich and vivid history which was ever present as I meandered though the old heart of the city down to the vast promenades of the marina. From there I looked up to find Castle Bellver appearing to stand on a pedestal of pine trees. I ventured through the packed city streets until I found myself under playful shadows of the pine trees preceding the fortress.
Castle Bellver provided the highest vantage point to view the magnificent city which lies in the low plain of the mountain, like the open palm of a hand reaching from the depths of the Mediterranean, hence the name Palma.  
Imbedded in the Son Moragues Mountains is the stone village that Chopin called home. A twisting and turning road then led to a tiny city which uncovered astounding scenery and took me into the hidden town of Valldemossa. Many artists roam the historic streets finding inspiration and serenity in their majestic nature. I can see why.