SRA Architects’ design for AB Dynamics winner of the ‘Project of the Year’ award

SRA Architects’ new headquarters for AB Dynamics has won the ‘Project of the Year’ at this year’s South West Built Environment Awards. 

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Above: The building from the B3109, Holt Road. The new headquarters signals growing optimism in the industry and is a major driver of high-value employment in the Bradford-on-Avon area.

AB Dynamics design, develop, manufacture and supply to the global automotive industry advanced testing and measurement products for vehicle suspension, brakes and steering.  They supply their equipment to all of the world’s top motor manufacturers: this is UK high-tech engineering at its world-class best. 

The company’s success is built on innovation and engineering excellence.  Their new building had to communicate these messages to investors, customers and staff.  SRA’s key challenge was to design a building that communicates ‘engineering excellence’ within the context of the historic market town of Bradford-on-Avon.

The new factory has given us additional new space and it’s also a beautiful place to work in. We have a fabulous working environment for our employees and it’s helping us to attract the staff we need to ensure that our business can grow.

In 'Directors Talk', Mat Hubbard, Chief Operating Officer at AB Dynamics

SRA knew that, as with all R&D companies, AB Dynamics’ space needs would continually evolve in order to respond to business drivers.  To suit this demand, SRA designed and delivered a building that provides adaptability without compromising functionality.  As a result of AB Dynamics’ success, staff numbers increased from 60 to over 110 during the project.  As a consequence, AB Dynamics have already utilised some of the building’s inherent adaptability. 

The winners were announced at the awards ceremony on 22nd June.

We are delighted that the AB Dynamics project has won the award, especially given the very high quality of the other shortlisted projects. We are proud of the building and its ongoing contribution to the success of ABD.

Andrew Brooks, SRA Architect on the AB Dynamics project

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A light, flexible interior space focuses on team wellbeing and allows for business expansion.

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The incorporation of passive systems such as the use of extensive north lights, solar shading to the south-facing glazing and high levels of insulation in the walls delivers low environmental impact and a great place to work.

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From left to right: John Rich (SRA); Simon Little (ABD); Emily Giles (SRA); John Harris (Rowney Sharman); Emma McDermott (SRA); Andrew Brooks (SRA); Mat Hubbard (ABD); Rob Hart (ABD); Tony Best (ABD); Tony Richards (BAM); Suzi Perry (Presenter and Broadcast Journalist) and Sponsor, EDF.

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