SRA Architects find inspiration at the Bristol Festival of Ideas

The Bristol Festival of Ideas consists of a large selection of events that aim to ask pertinent questions and spark new ideas. An inspiring programme of discussion and debate celebrated the work of great authors, commentators and thinkers in and outside the city. Two of our architects at SRA, Claire and Emma, attended this year’s event and summed up their thoughts for us.                              

‘In the week of the beginning of the #MeToo movement, the female experience of cities was at the top of the discussion agenda at two events entitled ‘If Women Built Cities.'

‘At both events we met fascinating writers, politicians, campaigners and researchers who all have a uniting shared interest in the city. The enlightening debate ranged from how the city is shaped by policy leaders who are primarily males, to the experience of walking home alone after dark, and all of the moments and experiences that exist in-between. We debated urban spaces, politics, place-making, transport, healthcare, retaining women in construction professions, and the garden cities movement.'

The provoking pair of events resulted in a heightened awareness of the experience of all minority city dwellers, and inspired us to positively support others in their career paths to ensure that the gender balance in decision making roles can be made more equal going forward.’

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