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If women built cities: young women's workshop


Young women from across the city and its surrounding areas are invited to an interactive panel discussion and networking event to debate how different cities would be if women built them. The event – which features speakers including Cllr Nicola Beech (Bristol City Council), Sian Norris (Bristol Women’s Literature Festival, pictured), Louise Ponting (EY UK) and Christine Skaar (Women in Property SW) – will develop and share ideas which will be fed into the festival as a whole, as well as the panel ‘If Women Built Cities‘ on Thursday 19 October.

Young illustrator Jasmine Thompson will capture the themes of the evening with a live sketch.


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Online booking is via Eventbrite and managed by Festival of Ideas. Please use the contact function in Eventbrite or get in touch with any online booking queries. Please note: booking opens Monday 11 September 2017.


1 Canon's Road

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