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Johnny Ball - Wonders Beyond Numbers

The irrepressible Bristol-born Johnny Ball has been a passionate advocate of mathematics for over 40 years, opening up the subject for a popular audience with wit and wisdom.

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In this event, he tells the story of mathematics, unravelling the tale of how humanity built up a knowledge and understanding of shapes, numbers and patterns from ancient times. He starts in Bristol where, aged around 8, he was shown how the Russians do multiplication using a halving and doubling system, which is really a version of Binary Maths, which enables all our modern electronic technology to function. He then moves through maths history showing how those who came up with new ideas did it to simplify maths and not make it more complex or confusing. He also explains how his approach to maths would improve the modern Maths curriculum and make it both more exciting and more empowering for young people. He ends with the story of Isaac Newton’s discovery and explanation of gravity, which he maintains had nothing what so ever to do with apples.

This event is suitable for adults and ages 9+

Book online or purchase tickets in person at St George’s Box Office or on Tel: 0845 40 24 001 Mon – Fri 09:00-18:00. Online: Book a ticket


St George's Bristol
Great George Street
(off Park Street)
Bristol, BS1 5RR


£4.50 - £10

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