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The Bath Comedy Shopalong



30 large Bath Plug logos have been placed in a variety of central Bath establishments, either prominently displayed, or hidden somewhere inside.

Each plug displays the punchline to a numbered joke listed here - collect as many of the punchlines as you can for a chance to win fabulous prizes!
You can enter as an individual adult, child or as a family.


Children under 12: Set of 10 Sidesplitter Joke Books worth over £50
Children 12+: Box Set of 7 Young Sherlock mysteries: worth over £50
Adults: Tickets to Bath Comedy Festival’s fabulous Closing Gala Show and VIP reception on Sat 14th April at the Apex Hotel Conference Suite.
Family: Tickets to Bath Festival’s finale weekend on Bath Recreation Ground.

Winners will be drawn from those entries with the most correct answers.

Don’t worry if you haven’t found them all, ALL entries will be entered in a draw for smaller prizes!

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