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A summer babe!

Suzanne and Rich are looking forward to the arrival of their new baby boy on 2nd July (or there about!).

So if you fancy your chances of winning the sweepstake, put on your best guessing head and pay a £1 to Amy. She will collate everybody's answers.

Can you guess?

  • The baby weight? 
  • The actual birth date?

Good luck!


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Two tunnels run in the sun

Well done to Amy, Emma, Jimi, Oliver and Karen for completing the Two Tunnels run yesterday morning!  They all managed to do a better time than before. Taking part in the Two Tunnels series is helping to build their fitness. And in Emma's case recovery from a bad knee.

Next race is on 9th July. More details available on the blog soon!

That's the Ping Pong spirit!

Lizzie, Alex and Amy had a ping pong stand-off last week at the Bath Brew House.  Look out for details of the return match soon!

Quiz masters... well nearly!

The star quiz team this week was Lizzie, Alex, Amy, Jonathan, Karen and a stranger called Adam!

It was a challenging 60 question round, which we were surprised to win third place in. Perhaps the cocktails helped?

Look out for more details of the next team quiz night, which we hope to get together for in June.


Staff news




RIBA Pension update

The Partners’ have confirmed that SRA will use the ‘RIBA Pension’ for the practice’s  workplace pension scheme.

We have agreed to bring forward our staging date to 1st April to coincide with the accounting financial year. This provides additional time to get things up and running in advance of our formal staging date which is August .

We’re  expecting RIBA to be in touch in the next week or two to get us set up on the portal, following which we will be able to explain the process and provide more detail. The first payment into the scheme will be made at the end of April (i.e. when April’s salaries are paid).

In the meantime we’ve attached a few documents that we hope are useful for you all to read, also the link to the powerpoint from the webinar Jan did can be found here. We particularly encourage you to read the ‘introduction for employees’ guide which provides some more detail about eligibility, joining the scheme and contributions.

If you have any questions please discuss with Beth. 

An Introduction for Employees

Member Guide

Freestyle Funds







Making our laugh matter - 24th March

Join the Friday fun and help change lives.

Friday 24th March is Red Nose Day. We want to do our bit and raise some money towards the projects that are being supported this year. All you need to do is wear something red to work or bring a red accessory (or both)!

Please pay £1 to Emma or Amy tomorrow (or more if you like). They will leave a pot on top of reception with a team list to tick off your payment.

Next week I'll pay in the money online to go directly to the Red Nose project fundraising.

The difference we make: read more


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An eventful week

A message from Matt

Jack Henry Slinn was born at the RUH on Wednesday 8th March, weighing 7lb 9 oz. We are now safe at home and enjoying life as a little family. Obviously everything is a massive learning curve; we’ve only had one night at home so far and you guessed it, it was no holiday! We are still very much in love, however.

Gender pay equality

With the recent release of the AJ Annual Women in Architecture survey results, the Practice took the opportunity to look at salaries at SRA to see how we match up. 

After analysis, the Partners are very pleased to report that at all levels our salaries are gender-blind.

There are many considerations when deciding salary levels, including qualifications, level of experience, and contribution to the practice. Throughout SRA, wherever there are members of staff at the same level doing the same work, they are paid the same.

In spite of this, the Practice chooses not to be complacent. We strive to continue to be an equal opportunities employer and employ the best of those available.

To read further information about SRA’s equal opportunities policy and procedures, please refer to section 6 of the office handbook. Please direct any questions to the Partners or the HR Manager. 

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Cups of tea, chocolate and jelly babies

Latest news from Jane

So, she doesn't really do sleeping and really enjoys eating. She's very strong and lifts herself up on her arms and her long legs pummel me when she is cross.  We've a passionate little girl on our hands. And it's beyond exhausting....

We've sent Tom out to work to bring us back news from the big outside world of grown-ups. Our aim is to be dressed, fed and alive when he returns (and preferably not crying).

But, Evie is so cute! Something about that makes it possible to keep going (that and cups of tea, too much chocolate and too many jelly babies). 

A video is available offline. The link has been circulated via the staff news email. 

A video is available offline. The link has been circulated via the staff news email. 

We made it!

Two Tunnels 5K run

A breakthrough (cold) morning!

Amy, Emma and I, along with Jimi and Oliver, tackled the Two Tunnels 5K run yesterday morning. Emma, Oliver and Jimi completed the run in graceful style.

Karen and Amy were delighted to run most of the distance with some short interludes of walking on the hills!

We look forward to the next Two Tunnels event on 14th May. 

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Double-take baby sweepstake

Hot on the heels of baby Evie, Matt and Helen are looking forward to their new arrival very soon on 4th March! 

  • The baby sweepstake is now open for guesses! 
  • £1 per entry: please give your money to Amy.
  • The closest answer to the actual result wins the pot!

Can you guess?

  1. The baby weight
  2. The birth date

Good luck!






Name that song!

Current SRA team play list

If you have Spotify, you can access the playlist here


  • Mumford & Sons - I will wait
  • London Grammar – wasting my young years
  • Simon & Garfunkel – Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Elton John - Daniel
  • Sentimental - Kenny G
  • Alt j – left hand free
  • Team me - show me
  • Villagers - Everything I am is yours
  • AC/DC - if you want blood (you got it)
  • Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance
  • Texas – Inner Smile
  • Whitney Houston - I wanna dance with some body
  • Swedish house mafia – don’t you worry child
  • The Contours - Do you love me
  • Massive Attack - Angel
  • Kings of Leon – Find Me
  • Disturbed – Sound of Silence
  • Starsailor - Alcoholic
  • Pompeii - Bad Blood
  • Chuck Berry - Johnny be Goode
  • The Weeknd - Rockin
  • The Who – Baba O’Riley
  • Creed – My Own Prison
  • McAlmont and Butler - Yes
  • Amy Winehouse – Valerie
  • Credence Clearwater Revival - Heard it Through the Grapevine
  • Tenacious D - Tribute
  • Tupac – changes
  • Leftfield - Release the Pressure
  • Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta
  • Blink 182 - Feeling This
  • Gloria Jones- Tainted Love
  • John Martyn - Man in the Station  
  • Belle and Sebastian - Boy with the Arab Strap.
  • Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
  • Nickleback - Savin’ me
  • Darude – Sandstorm
  • Intouchable - Intouchables
  • OMC - How Bizarre
  • Inner City - Pennies from Heaven

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A thank you and update from Jane!

To all at SRA....

Thanks so much for the beautiful flowers and Teddy gift. They arrived when this over tired mama was having a teary moment on Wednesday, and totally cheered me up!

This being a mum is the fastest learning curve I’ve ever been on, but Evie makes it worth it! She’s feeding well and being very cute.
Tom's just checking Evie is doing good growing. 

Tom's just checking Evie is doing good growing. 

Finally....milk 'fest' over and Evie is having some sleep. #handsfreemama

Finally....milk 'fest' over and Evie is having some sleep. #handsfreemama

Sleep! Who needs sleep?! "Wake up mum, look how cute I am."

Sleep! Who needs sleep?! "Wake up mum, look how cute I am."

Go go Karting!

Team Mini GP

Message from Lizzie:

So far there are 10 of us interested in going go karting. We were thinking of booking us in for Thursday the 16th March for the Mini GP.

It will be £40 per person.

I need to know who is definitely coming so we can get us all booked in so please respond ASAP.


Support Andy in the 2017 BathHalf

A message from Andy Battle

As the vast majority of you know I, along with some family and friends, am running the Bath Half next month.  We’re running in support of the MPS Society which supports people and families with a variety of degenerative genetic conditions, including my wife and two boys who have Fabry Disease.  Many of the MPS diseases are more aggressive, but ultimately, there’s no cure for any of them.

If you could see you way to sponsoring us/me, it would be brilliant:

Thanks everyone.


The new desks are coming!

A message from David and Emma:

Some good and not so good news!

Good news – the new desks are being installed next Friday evening (starting at 5.30)

Not so good news – In advance of the installation, we will need you to disconnect your PC’s / Monitors and temporarily put them in the large meeting room (labelled with your name).

Emma will organise for some boxes that you can use to store your bits in and some rubbish bags (if you’re having a bit of a tidy up). Revised seating plan below for those that it affects. 

All being well, it will all go swimmingly and your PC’s will all be cabled up and ready for use first thing Monday.

Hope that’s all clear, please give Emma or I a shout if you’d like to discuss or need any assistance.

Well done to Fiona and Julie!

A chilly, hilly 10K run at Longleat was the order of the day for Fiona and Julie, yesterday!

Starting in front of Longleat House the race takes in the estates' private, and traffic-free roads, with only a short excursion of 400m on public highways as the runners pass the Bath Arms pub before the final mile downhill to the finish.