Rugged Snowdonia

I have returned from an experience-and-a-half in rugged Snowdonia! It was a trip full of contrasts, adventure and some challenge.

The first five days I spent in a lovely warm environment surrounded with all my home comforts whilst taking part in the next module of my yoga teacher training. The next five days saw me (and Jimi, who joined me) thrust into a raw, rugged mountainous landscape, which brewed a storm - the epic finale taking place on the last night of our camping holiday!

We DID have a fantastic time - all be it very wet and windy! And - amazingly - the tent stood up to the gusts of wind: much helped by the architectural skills of Jimi. He worked out a system to strengthen the tent structure with string and some heavy slate to stop it blowing away.

Here are some snaps from our adventure….