A little bit reflective

A note from Jane

It is probably because we are coming to the end of the year. Maybe also because my life is on the brink of a momentous change (#feelingoutofcontrol). But I have been reflecting a little bit.

A lot has changed in the last year. Well the last 2 years actually. We have moved from being Stubbs Rich (no, I'm not going to buy donuts) to SRA. I have transitioned from being Nick Stubbs' PA (even though I had a flashback of the Carbon Cartoon today when someone contacted me about it) to being Brand Manager.

It is on this point I want to linger because I want to thank the Partners for giving me the opportunity to spread my wings and help them to implement a renewed brand. SRA has for years (even before 'SRA') stood for some wonderful values and a great people-focused culture. All I did was help to draw this out so it defines us.

I am absolutely convinced that when an organisation has a brand they are comfortable with, and confident in, it can be a springboard from which a purposeful business can flourish. And I honestly believe that SRA can feel proud that they have these attributes.

These aren't my
'leaving thoughts', because I plan on being back at the end of 2017. And yet, I know that good brands don't stand still (like flourishing businesses don't). If a brand 'stands still' it actually goes backwards. Therefore I am delighted that the Partners' took the decision to ask both Karen and Jacob to continue to strengthen and position the SRA brand in new places. I am excited to see how things move forward. I am excited to watch from the sideline for a few months. I am excited to find out about all the changes that will take place in the next year.

Finally, thanks to all the parents who have passed on their wisdom and practical advice!

I wish you all the very best. And here's to a great Christmas!
- Jane