Chard Urban Regeneration

Improving the way a town works, investing in long term commercial prosperity, reducing energy consumption. Modernising old market towns can have a profound effect on a local community. How do you do it in a way that retains the unique fabric, history and identity? And how do you align all the various stakeholders who have passionate, yet often differing views?


SRA works hard with local government to get everyone on board. Before progressing to design phase, we listen carefully to the community and local businesses. We encourage open dialogue, in-depth analysis and public consultation, making sure the entire community is involved.


In Chard, the result was a town centre that fully respects the spirit and history of the town, yet readies it for an exciting new era. 

We re-used existing buildings and viable parts of the infrastructure. Then enhanced them with modern features and efficient transport systems. This is a truly sustainable solution that will act as a catalyst for the success of Chard and its surroundings.