We’ve been designing functional and inspirational retail environments for over 25 years. Understanding the marketing challenges of our clients has helped us to develop an impressive portfolio of innovative solutions which provide significant savings as well as a stronger visual canvas on which to effectively communicate their brand.

Abergavenny Town Centre

We used cues from the local architecture and street map to open up and regenerate this old town centre cattle market site. The scheme won an invited design competition judged by local people.


Regenerating UK market towns is vital; for social wellbeing, for sustainability, for business growth. But how do you look forward while treasuring the past? SRA enjoy the challenge of getting this balance just right.


One of our longest-standing clients is IKEA, and after 25 years this collaboration still thrives. We have designed 15 of their 22 UK projects, from improving existing layouts to building brand new stores - often in record time.