World-leading engineer submits new building design for planning consent

Located in Bradford on Avon, AB Dynamics designs and manufactures sophisticated vehicle testing equipment for the global automotive industry.  In the last three years the company has doubled in size and further growth is anticipated. They require a new building to provide upgraded and  enlarged facilities.

Although initial plans were proposed in 2013, such has been the success of the company that this design has quickly become insufficient.  AB Dynamics appointed SRA Architects to look afresh at their requirements and bring a new design perspective.

The company required a larger amount of adaptable space for manufacture, assembly and testing of their products.  Abundant natural light was a requirement, while at the same time minimising solar heat gain. Communication of ABD’s corporate identity was essential: progressive, dynamic, highly technically advanced.


To maximise the distribution of natural light we have designed a saw tooth roof structure with northlights that run across the whole building. The twisted angle of the side walls provides protection against solar gain while letting north light into both floors. The design maximises passive lighting and ventilation in order to minimise the demand on mechanical servicing.  The structural arrangement allows for easy adaption to new internal arrangements.

It is thoroughly enjoyable working with a client that is a world-leading engineering company. They consider and interrogate our proposals in minute detail and encourage us to keep refining our designs. We are excited to have put these proposals in for planning consent knowing that the client is fully satisfied with the progressive designs we have developed.
— Andrew Brooks, Associate at SRA Architects