Freedom Church in Bath seek planning for exciting new building

Freedom Bath+Bristol have submitted a planning application for a new 500 seat auditorium. To be located at the Freedom House site in Bath, the new facility will provide a home for the Church’s congregations, activities and wide range of community based projects.


The church wanted a building which would enable them to offer a warm welcome and inclusive place for gathering; an accurate expression of their identity and ethos.

To represent their more contemporary church congregation we avoided traditional ecclesiastical motifs in our proposals. Instead we interpreted the design brief taking a modern approach, while also remaining sensitive to the surrounding architecture in a World Heritage city. Bronze colour rain screen cladding creates a functional environment, and carefully integrates the building into its historic surroundings.

This new facility will also be used by the charity  The Trauma Recovery Centre; providing invaluable support for vulnerable children and young people. 


As a church we are committed to being a benefit to the community of Bath and beyond. We’ve successfully run a number of projects as well as supported many others, which enable people to find freedom from hopelessness and disadvantage.

This building will provide our church community with a space to meet on Sunday’s and some weekday evenings, whilst also being a resource to the city. We plan on continuing to enable the charity, The Trauma Recovery Centre, to use the building for their work with the vulnerable families in Bath and the surrounding areas. The building has been designed to be as flexible as possible for multi purpose usage.

It has to be mentioned that the funding for all the buildings that we own as a church, and the future buildings that are being proposed, is being provided by the generous and sacrificial giving of those who are part of the church or have been a part of the church. We are so very grateful.
— Betsy De Thierry