Team challenge at Bath Escape Rooms

escape rooms.JPG

Locked rooms - secret codes - riddles!

To keep the social rhythm going we are proposing a team outing to the Bath Escape Rooms sometime after work. We thought it would be a great opportunity to collectively use our brain cells whilst having fun unlocking the secret codes!

The concept: Race the clock trying to solve clues to reveal the combination of a lock that opens a chest! Inside is hidden another clue that contain hints on how to read the next. This leads to another mystery within another mystery within another mystery…. Sounds fun right..?

It turns out there are two escape rooms in Bath offering similar activities but slightly different experiences. Each room offers a different difficulty level, can hold between 2-6 people and games can vary between 60 minutes to 3 hours.

Interested? Look out for an email soon with more details and vote YES! We will gauge interest and organise the detail.

Cost: We will book the type of room and difficulty level depending on the number of people coming. Approximate cost: £10 per person.