Team challenge at Bath Escape Rooms

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Locked rooms - secret codes - riddles!

To keep the social rhythm going we are proposing a team outing to the Bath Escape Rooms sometime after work. We thought it would be a great opportunity to collectively use our brain cells whilst having fun unlocking the secret codes!

The concept: Race the clock trying to solve clues to reveal the combination of a lock that opens a chest! Inside is hidden another clue that contain hints on how to read the next. This leads to another mystery within another mystery within another mystery…. Sounds fun right..?

It turns out there are two escape rooms in Bath offering similar activities but slightly different experiences. Each room offers a different difficulty level, can hold between 2-6 people and games can vary between 60 minutes to 3 hours.

Interested? Look out for an email soon with more details and vote YES! We will gauge interest and organise the detail.

Cost: We will book the type of room and difficulty level depending on the number of people coming. Approximate cost: £10 per person.

Ben Fogle talk in Bath

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From Karen:

There were a few of us at the Ben Fogle talk last night in Bath.   I personally found it fascinating to hear about Ben’s journey through life to where he is now.

Ben often gets referred to as an adventurer or a broadcaster, but actually he sees himself as a ‘story-teller’, communicating his adventures through different media such as books and TV.

There is another chance to catch Ben Fogle in Bath on 2 March 2019.


Team bowling event

Beer, bowling and banter


With the Friday forecast set to be the hottest day of the year, we all packed up shop early and walked to the local bowling alley, where cool drinks welcomed us.

Split into teams we all had a go with plenty of banter and chips to spur us on!


Click on each picture below to view the full image

Dinner, drinks and dancing to finish the evening

We are a friendly bunch at SRA!

We are a friendly bunch at SRA!

The battle of paddles is back!


Join us for the Bath Dragon Boat Race on 9 September 

Bath Riverside

After a hugely successful Dragon Boat event last year - the Bath Dragon Boat Challenge is back bigger and even better for 2018!

Team SRA are boldly challenged to take up their paddles and race against the other dragons in the Bath dragon boat race across 200m course on 9 September! 

Team SRA with lots of smiles at the beginning of last year's race.

Team SRA with lots of smiles at the beginning of last year's race.

Things got a little more serious, when the heat was on. We only narrowly missed the semi-finals by seconds - probably because the hats weren't terribly aero-dynamic!

Things got a little more serious, when the heat was on. We only narrowly missed the semi-finals by seconds - probably because the hats weren't terribly aero-dynamic!


  • No experience!
  • A sense of humour - this event is brilliant fun!
  • The ability to eat lots of pizza (or similar!)
  • Someone to keep an eagle eye on David, who tried to tip the boat last year!
  • A kind heart and lots of friends - lots of fundraising required!

Get involved

  • In the crew: we need a minimum of 8 people to participate and ideally 12+ would be better to allow for changes in the team over the 3 heats. 
  • As a spectator: come and enjoy the atmosphere and cheer the team on.
  • Fundraising: the event supports two local charities: Designability and The Mountain Way. SRA have paid the entry donation of £500. On top of this we need to raise as much money as possible with an additional £600 set as a minimum target by the organisers. Karen will set up a Just Giving page to help with our fundraising efforts. 

Crew members - please sign-up

  • You will receive an email shortly with more details. Please vote YES or NO to joining as a crew member. 

View the blog post from last year which includes team pictures and video. 




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Chris and Hilary's 'Last Night of Freedom'

Thank you to Lizzie and Matt who organised a fantastic send-off for Chris and Hilary at their STEN do.  

STEN do challenge


This card is to be completed throughout the evening. Each successful task earns the points allocated in the brackets. The hen/stag with the most points at the end of the evening wins a cheeky prize!

A selection of images from the night

Larger images for impact!


Reflections from Bath Boules

Some of my favourite moments

Thanks to all the folks (and cute dogs) that turned up on Saturday and supported Team SRA at a spot of Bath Boules.  Here is a snapshot of some of my favourite moments in pictures and videos.
— Karen

La baguette love

A good start

Cute dogs (thanks Cristina!)

It's a family match-off!

Celebrations were in order when Family Rich won!

Creative moments with Elle


It's smiles better in the rain!


Win some - loose some

Boules mostly egg-cellent


Bath Boules team event - Queen Square

SRA team day - Saturday 16 June 2018

The Bath Boules Week is a vibrant and fun pop up event in Queen Square, Bath 10-18 June 2018. It hosts activity each day which raise vital funds for local charities including dinners, parties, award ceremonies, talks and more! All culminating in the much-loved Bath Boules tournament weekend. Check out this video to get an in idea of what happens on the day!

Pop by for a bit (or a lot)

team boules.JPG

Come and join the SRA team on Saturday 16 June from 9.45am. Grab a drink from the SRA chill-box, have a go at throwing some Boules if you like, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.


Please confirm if you are coming

Please can you let me know if you are coming along and bringing anybody with you? It really helps with planning the day and organising nibbles and drinks.
With many thanks!
— Karen

Be part of a World Record attempt

BHF chain.JPG

This January and February the local British Heart Foundation shops are filling their windows with love and attempting to break a world record for the longest chain of paper hearts. To mark Valentine’s Day a team of BHF supporters will come together to create the chain. The current record stands at 8,525 paper hearts apparently! If you would like to take part, here are the details. 

To take part, all you need to do is:

  • Buy a £2 World Record Love Note at a local BHF shop till
  • Write your own message to share the love. It could be for a friend, family member or even just your pet!
  • Hand the note back in.

Funds raised will help support life saving research. 

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Countdown to Andy and Adam running the Half Bath!

It is countdown time to Half Bath Marathon on 4th March 2018.  Both Andy B and Adam are taking the challenge to run in the event and raise valuable funds for two charities.

Andy is running in support of the Compassion, which supports children who are born into poverty by providing them with their basic human needs and an education.   He has set up a secure donation page here.

Adam is running to support the charity Prostate Cancer UK.  He has set up a secure donation page here.

Both would be grateful of any contributions that you feel you want to give.

Check out the handy pocket size Race Day Guide for: Course maps, recommended spectator points and travel information.



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