Last minute trip to Lake Como

I was really lucky to have an opportunity to visit Lake Como recently with some friends. One of our group lives near Lenno, right on the edge of the lake.

The weather was fabulous, which made the lake even more stunning. I dared to have a dip - it was pretty cold, but bearable!

I definitely would recommend a visit at some point, if the opportunity arises. There are plenty of lovely walks and places to chill out and enjoy the views.
— Karen

Lake Como

Lake Como is over 20 miles long with Como, the main city to one end of the lake. In the shape of an inverted Y, Como is at the end of the south west leg, Lecco to the south east leg and north toward the Alps and Colico, Gera Lario and Domaso.

One of the deepest lakes, it reaches 1300 ft at its deepest and surprisingly this puts the bottom below sea level! Fed by the river Adda and flowing out at Lecco, Lake Como sees high water levels after rain especially post winter thaws.

Central to Lake Como, also know as "Lario" by the locals, are the three famous towns of Varenna, Menaggio & Bellagio which form the golden triangle centre to the Lake with mountains arising all around. These three towns are the only car ferry ports on Lake Como. Varenna has a train station, Menaggio is the beginning of the pass over to Porto Letizia and Bellagio provides access to the countryside between Lecco and Como.

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