2018 SRA world sweepstake

Having been hounded by various parties (Fred and Ewan) it’s time to unveil the 2018 SRA world cup sweepstake!

Previous iterations have proved successful and whilst there is no need for you to get involved it has proved quite fun in the past and I have proposed that perhaps we should use it as an opportunity to raise some money for charity this year. More details soon!
— Jonathan
world cup.jpg

Taking part

  • Print off this form and tick one box in each 'pot' (column) totalling 8 countries. 
  •  Don’t worry, you don't require any particular knowledge of football! The seeding system should make sure you are still in with a chance to win!
  • Ewan and Fred have volunteered to coordinate the sweepstake. Please give your completed form to one of them and your your entrance money of £2. 
  • Jonathan will do some work behind the scenes in setting up the spreadsheets and graphs to check progress.
I hope you decide to get involved, any and all are welcome and at the very least, it gives those of you who normally couldn’t care less a vested interest in the inevitable wall to wall media coverage once the tournaments starts (next Thursday!).
— Jonathan