Video work for Bridgemead Care Home

Filming and production has started on a video to document and showcase our work with Bridgemead Care Home.

Through discussions with Bridge Care, we have devised a storyboard for a video to assist with their fundraising plans, as well as go into detail about our approach to working with charity clients.

Recently, we met with Geoff, who is the Chair of Trustees at Bridge Care. Armed with a selection of questions about the project, we interviewed him at Bridgemead and this forms part of the video. The next stage of the production includes an interview with Emma McDermott and use of a 3D model of the care home that we commissioned to film and demonstrate the designs we have put forward for the building.

Video is a powerful marketing tool that is still growing in popularity amongst small and medium sized businesses. We felt that with a client such as Bridge Care, and within our charity focus in general, a video is the best approach as it tells a story in a far more efficient way than words. It is also naturally a human focussed and empathetic sector, so hearing someone talk about a project and their love for their charity is one of the best ways of communicating the message!

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