Thailand’s summer season with temperature hitting the 40’s

In case you’ve all been deliberating where I have been for the last three weeks, it’s safe to say that I haven’t done a Katie Price and had a secret nose job and/ or bum lift, but just been holidaying around Thailand.
— Fiona

Turns out that the months of April and May are Thailand’s summer season with temperature hitting the 40’s. Never the less, Matt and I had a great time exploring and enjoyed absorbing the spiritual ambiance, culture and the food. We started in Bangkok, travelled up to Chiang Mai on the sleeper train and then flew down to Phuket to meet friends for a wedding. Who’d have thought I would be ceilidh dancing in Thailand in the middle of a thunder storm,  or embracing the task of a shower on a moving train!

Tony returns from New Zealand!

So I just spent 3 weeks pushing our company JLR credentials in New Zealand, looking for new work as part of the JLR Global rollout!.   I’m sure we can do better than this JLR in Auckland after all!  (Lucia– I’ll send over my expenses shortly)
— Tony
Unsure that all my expenses would be covered by the company, I did a little sight-seeing too.
— Tony

Back from Oz!

It’s only Spring!!

It’s only Spring!!

David is gently resurfacing from melting Oz heat and jet lag. Here are some pictures from his latest trip.


A bit of sun for you

A bit of sun for you

View from the hotel!

View from the hotel!

Brisbane growing skyward

Sydney by night




View from the hotel

View from the hotel




A visit to the Macallan Distillery

Just a few photos from the new Macallan distillery as featured in August’s RIBA Journal. Unfortunately we didn’t get much further than the café/ gift shop as all of the tours were fully booked.
— Fiona

If you fancy a visit yourself check out the RIBA feature here. 


French frolics

Sometime between crashing in to the gates of Versailles, breaking down in rural France whilst towing, getting saturated in a flash flood, smashing my iPhone, having a water pump failure, and having the caravan broken in to, I managed to make it to a supermarket to carefully retrieve some French sweets. They are currently safe and secure in my bag and barring another unfortunate turn of events will be in the kitchen shortly.

Based on this run of luck I opted to stay away from the very tall cliff edge, but did take my chances in a canoe…
— MIke

Camping adventures in Pembrokeshire

Lizzie has arrived safely back from her camping adventure to the Pembrokeshire coast having battled 40mph winds. Here are some pictures from her travels.

Holiday trip to Portugal and a site visit to Faro JLR!

Here are some of Lizzie's blue sky and sea pictures from lovely Portugal. 


Magical Chania in Crete

Pictures of Adam's recent trip to Chania in Crete. He highly recommends a visit!

And these tasty jellies are pretty magical too! A very traditional treat which remind both Adam and his parents of their childhood.  Adam brought a packet in for us to enjoy: one minute they were sitting on the kitchen table - the next - all gone! (Very magical!). 

greek jellies.jpg

A trip to Cuba!


Roberto and his girlfriend, Ana, recently went on a trip to Cuba.

Cuba (officially the Republic of Cuba) is  a country comprising the island of Cuba as well as Isla de la Juventud and several minor archipelagos.  It is the largest island in the Caribbean, with an area of 109,884 square kilometres (42,426 sq mi).

Favourite places...

If I had to advise someone about the tour to do around Cuba, I would encourage them to visit Habana, Vinales, Trinidad and the Cayo (an island with pure and clear water and beautiful beaches).

Fifteen days is enough time to explore and enjoy these locations, and, if there is more time, I would visit Santiago de Cuba as well! It would be fantastic! It is quite a drive from La Habana. so extra time is needed. It is worth it for the lovely trip, because of the amazing people, incredible places and very nice food.
— Roberto

Enjoy some holiday snaps – (many thanks to Roberto!)

Find out more about these interesting places!


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Bringing you a little sunshine!

Holiday snaps from Mexico

Mexico 3.jpg
Here are some pics from my holiday in Mexico where we had 13 days of travelling in Cancun, Tulum, Bacalar, Playa de Carmen.

We did a lots of swimming in caves, zip lines, adventures park, full moon beach party, and the most beautiful beaches. 

Enjoy the pictures!
— Lucia

A wonderful Canadian trip

Recently Jacob went to Canada and had an amazing road trip around Cape Breton Island.

Cape Breton Island is situated on the Atlantic coast of North America and part of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Its name may derive from Capbreton near Bayonne, or more probably from the word Breton, the French adjective form of the proper noun Bretagne, the French historical region. Read more about this interesting island here.

An Interesting fact: Cabot’s landing is the very spot and beach where John Cabot landed from Bristol in 1497. One can probably imagine it hasn’t really changed much since then as it’s so remote!

Here are some of Jacob's lovely photographs.

Alex's holiday snaps!

Thank you to Alex who has sent us a few of his holiday snaps from Beer in Devon

Thought I’d send you all a few obligatory holiday snaps, you make you all feel...better?!!?

See you all next week, with some tasty treats to tuck into!
— Alex

Jacob shares his holiday snaps

My brother, a friend and I all travelled from Bristol to the mountains of Tignes-Val D’Isere for a few days of hard skiing. Unfortunately, most of the snow arrived as we were leaving, but the conditions on top of the mountains were still good and we managed to get a good deal of fresh air and our fair share of apres-ski at the same time!

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