Planning success for two local charities!

At SRA we feel privileged to work with some amazing charities whose efforts make a real difference to the lives of many people, both locally and further afield.

Last Wednesday 6 April we had reason to celebrate with two of the brilliant Bath-based charities we've been working with: both Genesis Trust and Freedom Bath + Bristol obtained planning consent for their new buildings on the same day!

Making a difference with design

It can often seem a daunting challenge for a charity to consider a new building, especially in a beautiful World Heritage City like Bath. These permissions mark a significant moment for both organisations, as the dedicated buildings will facilitate their continued work across the city. Both buildings, albeit very different in their appearance, have been specifically designed to be welcoming and as flexible as possible; considering their use today and in the future.

We are immensely proud to be involved with the Genesis Trust and Freedom Bath + Bristol, and look forward to working alongside them to realise their buildings. 

Freedom Bath+Bristol's new building

Genesis Trust's new building

It is both rewarding and inspiring working alongside others who are dedicated to their cause, and who are as passionate as we are about creating buildings that represent their ethos, as well as encouraging inclusive communities.
— Claire Miller
We are very excited to have been granted planning permission in our anniversary year. This building will enable us to help many hundreds of vulnerable people in Bath to move forward in their lives.
— Sir Peter Heywood, Genesis Trust founder