A complex mix of architecture: Prague has it all

Prague’s architecture is wonderfully varied and complex. Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, Cubist and Contemporary expressions can all be encountered on the short walk through the historic centre. The juxtaposition of styles is mostly comfortable, but can occasionally be more thought-provoking.

Time tells us a story. Over the centuries façades have been continually updated to the latest architectural fashion. If we are lucky the architect has left us clues as to what lies underneath: a hint of a Gothic window frame or remnants of etched stucco.

The city’s fairy-tale Gothic towers are particularly enchanting. Many are accessible and provide the perfect vantage point from which to view and appreciate the public realm below.


Prague was a fascinating city to visit and explore. I left feeling creatively inspired and challenged by the relationship architectural variety can have within the urban and social context.

- Matt Slinn