Bath dragon boat race 2017

Team SRA boldly took their paddles and raced against the other dragons in the Bath dragon boat race on September 10th. There were 14 teams taking part with a variety of interesting looking hats adorned by many.

The moment when David splashes Paul

We paddled furiously over three heats where the team were seriously focused as we raced over the 150 meter course. Emily and Emma set the pace from the front of the boat whilst the drummer hung on for dear life, balancing precariously on a small moving seat at the front of the boat!  As we went over the finish line to the sound of a horn, so the fun and frolics began with a near capsize on heat three (thanks David!)

In between the heats we nipped off for some well deserved refreshments and had a nice little jog back to the dragon boat as a warm up.....

As the heats came to a finish so we all waited with baited breath to see if we had made it through to the semi finals! We missed out by a matter of seconds, most likely due to the size of our mexican sombreros', which weren't terribly aero-dynamic. 

A big heart thank you to everybody that took part and helped raised money for Bath based charity Designability and their Whizzybug Loan Scheme. The dragon boaters have managed to raise over £20,000 to help give children under 5 years of age access to a fun and innovative wheelchair.