Countdown to Andy and Adam running the Half Bath!

It is countdown time to Half Bath Marathon on 4th March 2018.  Both Andy B and Adam are taking the challenge to run in the event and raise valuable funds for two charities.

Andy is running in support of the Compassion, which supports children who are born into poverty by providing them with their basic human needs and an education.   He has set up a secure donation page here.

Adam is running to support the charity Prostate Cancer UK.  He has set up a secure donation page here.

Both would be grateful of any contributions that you feel you want to give.

Check out the handy pocket size Race Day Guide for: Course maps, recommended spectator points and travel information.



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The Brutalist playground

Just as a quick synopsis, we spent some time in the exhibition to start, which was followed by an introduction from Bath Uni’s Director of Arts, then short talks from a speaker of RIBA London (as RIBA commissioned the piece, I believe it is ultimately their decision where the artwork tours to etc), then by the creators of the work Simon Terrill and a member of the Assemble collective (speaking in one of the pictures).
— Fred

The Brutalist Playground exhibition is on until 9th September 2017.

Commissioned by the RIBA, The Brutalist Playground shines a light on the abstract concrete playgrounds designed as part of post-war housing estates in the mid-twentieth century. Often made from concrete, such playgrounds were cast into housing estates such as Churchill Gardens, Pimlico; Seamount Court in Aberdeen and the Park Hill Estate in Sheffield in sculptural forms, presenting a distinct move away from previous playground design.

2015 Turner Prize winners ASSEMBLE and artist SIMON TERRILL have worked with RIBA curators to recreate these play structures in reconstituted foam, creating an interactive playground where the viewer becomes participant and in this way completes the work while offering a renewed understanding and critique of the architects’ original designs and intentions. Archive images of the original playgrounds are projected on the walls.

The Edge and the University of Bath are delighted to bring this family friendly exhibition to Bath for the first time during the University’s 50th Anniversary year. It’s the first of two exhibitions acknowledging the concrete origins of Bath’s 1960s campus which went on to incorporate buildings designed by celebrated architects of the era including proponents of British Brutalism Alison and Peter Smithson.


The Edge, University of Bath
Claverton Down
BA2 7AY Bath

See map: Google Maps

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Join Andy and Adam running the BathHalf

Andy Battle will be running the 2017 BathHalf Marathon:

Hard to believe I know.  I’ve even started to train, which is a sight to behold in its own right.  Proper “fat man with football” moment (see clip …sorry for the American Football reference – I thought Fred might understand that more.)
I am running in aid of the the MPS Society which supports people with rare genetic diseases, people like my wife and two boys who suffer with something called Fabry’s disease. I won’t bore you with the details but it’s something that requires life-long treatment and, whilst it is manageable, it is degenerative.  

If you would like to join Andy (and now Adam too) and run the BathHalf for the MPS Society, please let Andy know.

In his words: 

– it’s fun (so I’m told), it’s good for you (so I’m told), it’s a worthwhile cause (well, it is to us!)